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Turn data into discovery

Automated imaging analysis software for data prediction and drug discovery. Cloud-based and AI-powered.

Solving the data-to-discovery problem

InvivoAX improves and accelerates preclinical imaging studies by providing automated image analysis and data prediction solutions. Our software reduces data variability, eliminates operator bias and manual data processing, and increases data throughput and reproducibility, while saving costs and human resources.

Automate analysis

Our powerful AI performs at speed, analysing multi-modalities wider and deeper at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Reproducible, reliable and robust.

Accelerate discovery

Experience data to discovery at the touch of a button. Our intuitive interface is easy to operate without specialist knowledge and replaces all existing analysis tools.

Advance development

A single cloud-based solution, fully accessible by unlimited users. Collaborate seamlessly, run new trials and share data with ease.

100x Faster
3x More data
5x Cheaper per subject than CROs

Peer reviewed and supported by NIH

Turn data into discovery
The future should be seen, not just imagined.