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We believe the future should be seen, not just imagined

We aim to improve and accelerate preclinical imaging studies by providing automated image analysis and data prediction solutions. Our technology reduces data variability, eliminates operator bias and manual data processing, and increases data throughput and reproducibility, while saving costs and human resources.

We’re solving the


A truly connected and collaborative data analysis ecosystem where the entire scientific/research community is empowered and aligned in pursuit of the answers that matter most to life on our planet. A future where where human error, cost and resource do not hinder discovery and development, where reliability, efficacy and ease are the new normal.


We empower scientists in both academic and commercial fields to radically improve and accelerate pre-clinical studies, lower costs and achieve more accurate outcomes.

Through the reproducibility of data, cutting-edge AI and our global disease database, we are revolutionising data analysis reliability and collaboration, providing a unique, multi-dimensional predictive vantage point to advance disease discovery and drug development.

Our team

InvivoAX was founded to solve the inherent bias of manual image analysis in the biomedical field by the biologist Neal Paragas and the physicist Alex Klose. To tackle this problem at the convergence of biology, physics, engineering, and computing, Neal and Alex assembled a group of experts in these respective fields to build a first-of-its-kind cloud-based image analysis platform, InvivoAX. This AI-powered SaaS seamlessly automates preclinical image data analysis to accelerate the discovery of cures.

Neal Paragas, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Neal, the co-founder and CEO of our company, holds a PhD in Biology from Columbia University. His research expertise lies in modeling human diseases in small animals using molecular imaging, animal genetics, and surgical techniques. With prior faculty positions at Columbia University and the University of Washington, Neal brings a wealth of research experience to his role. As the driving force behind our business and hardware development, he spearheads our company’s vision and strategic direction for preclinical R&D services.


Alexander Klose, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

Alexander, the co-founder and CTO, obtained his PhD from the Freie University in physics specializing in particle and radiation transport, inverse scattering problems, and computational modeling. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated his expertise to solving intricate medical challenges, particularly in the realm of preclinical molecular imaging. Alexander is at the forefront of pioneering novel image reconstruction algorithms, driving advancements in automated data analysis, and leveraging the power of cloud computing to build a modern image analysis software.


Ken Li, BS

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Ken, the Director of Mechanical Engineering, obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1978. Throughout his career, he has honed his expertise in product development, including many years at leading manufacturers developing small animal imaging products. Ken’s extensive experience in managing the entire design-to-manufacturing process has been instrumental in cultivating a small yet highly efficient engineering and manufacturing team. Leveraging the latest advancements in rapid prototyping, coupled with his comprehensive knowledge of national and international manufacturers, Ken excels in delivering streamlined and efficient product development, ensuring that our imaging tools work flawlessly.


Jay Whalen, B.S.

Director of Systems Engineering

Jay has over 15 years of expertise in developing and commercializing hardware tools for preclinical research. His focus lies in optical-based systems, with significant contributions to in vivo imaging instruments and automated microscopy. Jay has successfully overseen the design, management, and development of projects, ranging from alpha-level instruments for proof-of-concept evaluations to their commercial releases. Jay holds a BS in Physics from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA.


Darren Deanto, BS

Senior Software Developer

Darren is a seasoned senior software developer with a foundation in mathematics from the University of Maryland. Leveraging his background in data science, Darren possesses a diverse coding skill set with expertise in multiple programming languages, particularly Python, as well as proficiency in Machine Learning and AI. With a comprehensive professional journey spanning various domains, including 4 years as a signal processing engineer for a Fortune 500 company, and over 8 years of experience freelancing and contributing to startups, Darren brings a wealth of software expertise to InvivoAX.


Chase Whipple

Software Developer

Chase is an accomplished full-stack software developer who specializes in machine learning. With his versatile skills and language-agnostic approach, he brings a unique expertise in modern SaaS, particularly in the fin-tech and cryptocurrency sectors. This invaluable knowledge seamlessly translates into the preclinical R&D SaaS environment, where the need for robust data security and intuitive data visualization is of paramount importance, ensuring a harmonious integration of these critical aspects.


Our advisors

InvivoAX is guided by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Our advisors were involved in creation of the science behind molecular image to marketing and selling this technology to building massive companies.

Christopher Contag, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Chris is Professor and Chair of Biomedical Engineering (BME) and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; and Director, Institute for Quantitative Health Science & Engineering (IQ) at Michigan State University. Chris is a founding member and served as president of the World Molecular Imaging Society. In 1995 Chris co-founded Xenogen, to commercialize optical in vivo imaging systems with advanced fluorescent and bioluminescent detection capability to accelerate preclinical drug discovery and development. Chris oversaw the early product development of the IVIS system from when he submitted the first patents in 1995 to when the company was acquired in 2006. Chris served as Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board at Xenogen until it was acquired by Caliper Life Sciences. Chris brings InVivo Analytics decades of experience in the preclinical optical imaging field and his unique understanding and vision of optical imaging will guide InVivo Analytics to develop a relevant commercially viable products.


Steve Schott, BS

Business Advisor

Steve brings InVivo Analytics an experienced entrepreneur with a career of building successful companies by combining technology, innovation, and operational excellence to create value. As CEO of Comark, Steve grew the company by providing automation solutions for mission critical life safety, vision, medical and military applications. Prior to Comark, as part of the startup team at Avidyne, Steve led the pioneering development of an certified affordable glass cockpit and synthetic vision. Steve has held senior positions at Cognex (CGNX), and Bytex (BYTX) from early stage through IPO and sale. Steve holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.


Kevin Francis, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Kevin is a Fellow at PerkinElmer’s Innovation Group with a role as a “thought-leader” responsible for helping to direct the company’s current and next generation imaging technology to market. Kevin also splits his time as a Visiting Professor at UCLA and Texas A&M. Kevin has been involved with the IVIS optical system development and biological applications since 1999 when he joined Xenogen. Kevin brings decades of experience in the preclinical imaging market with a broad knowledge base of both the applications side and a unique understanding of the preclinical imaging market.


David Pazarella, MBA

Business Advisor

David Panzarella, MBA, advises on business development, sales pipeline, and market expansion. Mr. Panzarella has over 15 years of experience within research imaging, leading the global commercial infrastructure which included sales, service, field applications and customer support for PerkinElmer, Caliper Life Sciences and Xenogen. He has become a cornerstone within preclinical imaging in developing strategic customer partnerships while setting the bar for technology support within the imaging community. Prior to joining Xenogen, he held commercial positions with Biospace, Cerner, WebMD and Critikon (a J&J company). David is currently VP of Commercialization at Standard Biotools.


Working with us

InvivoAX is an all-remote company founded to address the unmet need for an automated and unbiased approach to preclinical R&D non-destructive image analysis. Employees distributed across the U.S. interact daily with their teams and connect during annual in-person retreats. We welcome unsolicited job inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Preclinical image data (optical tomography, positron emission tomography, x-ray CT) acquired in our patented hardware platform, are uploaded to the InVivoAX database, where proprietary data analysis tools and machine learning algorithms retrieve life-sciences relevant information.

Preclinical image data (optical tomography, positron emission tomography, x-ray CT) acquired in our patented hardware platform, are uploaded to the InVivoAX database, where proprietary data analysis tools and machine learning algorithms retrieve life-sciences relevant information.

From automated analysis to predictive analytics to synthetic disease modeling, InVivoAX accelerates drug discovery and ultimately betters human health and wellness. The prospective candidate enjoys working in the lean startup culture and is interested to take on other business responsibilities along with software engineering and coding. We have both senior software developer and director of software engineering positions available. These interdisciplinary positions work with engineers, imaging scientists, biologists, biochemists, and medical doctors; remote work within the U.S. with a flexible work schedule; professional growth opportunities in a lean company with a matrix organization; a competitive salary and equity commensurate on performance, ability, and experience.

Salary range: $80-180k

Equity (Commensurate on experience)

Expected skills

  • The candidate should have strong skills in some of the following areas: Python/Django (including NumPy and SciPy) HTML web design, Javascript, CSS, React PostgreSQL or similar databases Browser-based data display and presentation (e.g., D3 library) AI applications using either Keras, TensorFlow, or PyTorch cloud computing (Heroku and AWS).
  • Some knowledge in the following areas are helpful: Linux or Unix C/C++, Qt, Matlab, Octave, R WebGL for 3D image data display Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning applications, e.g., CNN algorithms, data clustering image segmentation and feature detection
  • Education and work experience: Either a BS, MS, or PhD in computer science, physics, math, engineering, biology, or related field is required. Minimum of three years professional experience.


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